Review: Alonzo Bodden: “Who’s Paying Attention”

Alonzo Bodden: "Who's Paying Attention"

Alonzo Bodden: "Who's Paying Attention"

This special is almost 1 year old, yet I still hear it at least once a month. Alonzo Bodden‘s “Who’s Paying Attention” was one of last years funniest releases and I been looking forward to adding a recommendation here.

I wasn’t really aware of Alonzo prior to this release, but according to my research its his third comedy release. Not bad for an actor. He got a classic stand up approach, telling small stories, adding his perspective. Pretty common topics. …but he found plenty of fresh angles and cascades of extremely funny and original jokes. He isnt clean, he isnt dirty, most people should be able to enjoy “Who’s Paying Attention“.

I could name several good bits, but my favorite is on how he has a hard time respecting doctors. It was on repeat it a few times before I could move on. Too good, maybe my favorite bit from last year.

Here is part of the bit he does on airport security. Surprisingly fresh take on a classic topic:

The joke about the scanner for pregnant women around the 1 minute mark, it cracks me up each time. Gold!

Other topics: Barack Obamas presidency residing in Tiger Woods shadow, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Oprah‘s true reason for resigning, how to recognize creepiness, the flu Olympics, Sarah Palins tricks, gay marriage, how everything on the internet is about dating and much more.

There are a few easy jokes here and there, not all material is grade A (the nature bit and some of the Palin material felt a bit lazy to me), but never for long. Last year was a good one stand up wise, many masterpieces were released and this one belongs amongst them. I know “Who’s Paying Attention” will get more spins on my own player, I highly recommend it and Alonzo Bodden‘s other releases have made my want list!

It got a run time of approximately 55 minutes. I chose the MP3 version but there are more formats to choose from: streaming video, DVD, CD. Buy on Amazon.


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